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Some computer programs provide more opportunities for this development, but the majority does not (4).The last stage of attention development is sustained attention, or the ability to stay focused for a period of time and occurs from age eleven on.Some argue that computers have merely prompted humans to develop a different kind of focus that emphasizes the ability to multitask rather than just focus on one activity (5). There are still situations where people are required to focus for long periods of time on things that are not necessarily of interest to them.After all, not every single college lecture or project at work will be interesting yet it is necessary to be able to pay attention in order to be successful.In recent years, our society has been inundated with rapid technological developments particularly when it comes to computers.Sociologists have noted the impact that the increase in computer use could have (and to some degree already has had) on our society as they begin to replace human contact (4).This is especially concerning when it comes to children because their brains continue to develop through adolescence.

These conditions are not conducive to what children need to develop the neurological base necessary to pay attention.

This stage is important for teenagers as they continue to groom their ability to focus for long periods of time (2)(4).

Again, too much time spent on the computer results infringes on the brain’s chance to gain this crucial skill.

Attention is developed over the course of many years and occurs in three stages.

In order for this to happen it is necessary for the brain to practice activities that hone attention skills.

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